Friday, 13 April 2012

Chalkboard Organisation

With the introduction of whiteboards and interactive whiteboards in classrooms, chalkboards are almost extinct. How sad!!

I bought a tin of chalkboard paint for another project, and was trying to think of some other uses for it.
I decided to make some labels for some jars, this way, I can keep some chalkboard in my classroom! My sister also gave me this wooden red apple, and I thought I might try and make it into a message board.

I started by cleaning and drying the jars really well, and used masking tape to tape off the area I wanted to paint. I used a small brush to paint a light layer of paint, from left to right (up and down leaves marks). I waited a few hours until dry and did another coat.Once touch dry, you can remove the tape, and leave for at least 24 hours before writing.

I did labels on the front and back of my apple so I can turn around on my desk.

Easy! I am now on the lookout for anything else I can paint! :)

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  1. Very cool, i really want to do this!