Sunday, 26 August 2012

Classroom Avatars!

I was recently told about Voki - an online site which allows you to create your own avatar and implement it into the classroom. You can choose from a heap of different characters and modify to create your own look. Or make a new character for different themes, like cowboys, pirates, police officer, anything you can think of! You can choose from a number of different languages and accents, which would be great for SOSE lessons! You can even upload your own voice.

I cannot wait to show my class... It could be some sort of a class mascot! Delivering class messages, or introducing a new topic to the class.

Here is my first try at making an avatar! Still need to tweak it a bit! Have a try and let me know how you go! How will you use Voki in the classroom?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Marble Run!

My friends and I made this marble run as part of a Technology unit we designed at uni.
I cannot wait to use it in the classroom!

Design Challenge 

Your overpopulated city needs a new above-ground transport system. Your job is to investigate the key factors in an effective transport system and apply these to a design of your own. Using your design, you will need to use recyclable materials and suitable tools to produce this system. You will critically evaluate the transport system and make modifications when necessary. This will be done in groups of 6. Throughout this process, you will complete an individual reflection log detailing your learning and understanding.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

ABC Game

When I used to babysit, I had some very energetic kids that just would not settle down to go to bed. I used to think of a topic, animals for example, and they had to go through each letter of the alphabet thinking of an animal starting with that letter. By the time they got to Z for Zebra, they were usually fast asleep. 

I modified this activity and made 30 different category cards, and 30 different letter cards (put doubles of easier or harder letters to differentiate). You could even manipulate the categories to whatever you are working on in class. I made different backs for each deck to help shuffle and separate, and laminated them for a long life. The kids love it! I even took it to uni the other day, and it had adults addicted! 


One card from each deck is turned over at the same time, and the players have to think of a word in that category, and starting with that letter. Whoever guesses one first, wins that category card, and the player with the most category cards at the end, wins!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Buzz Words

I have used Wordle a few times for uni assignments, but I stumbled across Tagxedo and after playing around with it, it seems much more versatile! I was able to just type my blog address in and it pulled the words. I could also pick and choose words, colours and shapes. 

I think these will be great visual aids for in the classroom! Here's my first try :)