Sunday, 26 August 2012

Classroom Avatars!

I was recently told about Voki - an online site which allows you to create your own avatar and implement it into the classroom. You can choose from a heap of different characters and modify to create your own look. Or make a new character for different themes, like cowboys, pirates, police officer, anything you can think of! You can choose from a number of different languages and accents, which would be great for SOSE lessons! You can even upload your own voice.

I cannot wait to show my class... It could be some sort of a class mascot! Delivering class messages, or introducing a new topic to the class.

Here is my first try at making an avatar! Still need to tweak it a bit! Have a try and let me know how you go! How will you use Voki in the classroom?


  1. I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the great idea :)

  2. There is another great site which allows you to create avatars at Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the idea! I'll have to give it a go!! :)