Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tie-Dyed Popsicle Sticks!

I was about to make some Brain Break sticks for my new class, when I pulled out these boring natural coloured popsicle sticks... I wondered how I could make them more colourful!

I decided to use Food Colouring, as that's all I had in the cupboard and had heard you can just soak them and stain them. I tried to do more of a tie-dye effect. I used 5 plastic bowls for 5 different colours, about 25 drops in each one. I then filled it up with hot water and chucked the sticks in, allowing them to be half covered with the stain. I left them for about 10 minutes, pulled them out and dried them off on paper towel. Then I put the unstained side back in a different colour stain and let it sit. I then dried them off and put the first end back in the original colour, and repeated the process. 

Here's how they turned out!

They are still drying, but I will post my finished Brain Break sticks when they are done!!

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